Mumbai stood top in number of IVF clinics

Mumbai stood top in number of IVF clinics

From the latest reports, Mumbai has as many as 180 IVF clinics as per the latest international study of the Maharashtra state health department has stated. The department has sorted a total number of 428 IVF centres in Maharashtra. 42% of all the IVF centers are located in Mumbai and the city has become as a mushrooming hub of IVF activity. The department is trying to tighten all the IVF centers by checking the functioning of all the clinics under the ambit of the Preconception and prenatal Diagnostic technique Act. The state health department authorities have claimed that certain tests used in the IVF procedure may be used by doctors to detect the sex of child.

There are some techniques to change the sex of the foetus. Thus the government wants to regularize the procedure and the government also gathers the data on those hospitals who are taking IVF for money making. With the increasing number of fertility cases, IVF clinics are on a rise. Irrespective of the number of clinics, patients should select a credible centre. Many of the IVF specialists in Mumbai consider the growing number of clinics a positive sign, but calls for maintaining transparency and accountability in their working. They are saying that the state government of Maharashtra should consider all the facts and need to come up with some regulatory rules and regulations that keep a check on these clinics.

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