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Merits and demerits of IUI

Merits and demerits of IUI

The treatment, IUI depends on the specifics of the infertility situation of the couple. In the advanced IUI procedure, the sperm is washed in the laboratories and is placed in the uterus with utmost care. If the infertility specialist diagnosis the candidate is fit for the IUI procedure, it is very helpful in getting pregnant. This IUI process is commonly recommended for:

  • The women who has fertility problems

  • The man has fertility problems

  • At the time of using donor sperm

Doctors monitor the ovulation and menstrual cycle in the women with ultrasound or predictor kits and insemination is performed at the exact time that the woman ovulates. Like with every assisted reproduction technique, there are pros and cons with the IUI procedure.


  • IUI is the first recommended step for every infertile couple in the infertility treatments and it is less invasive and cheaper treatment compared to the ART techniques.

  • There are higher successes in IUI for the couple with unexplained infertility along with the fertility drugs.

  • For the men with infertile problems, IUI is the best suitable infertility treatment, which has higher success rates.

  • There is no chance of getting cramps in the procedure.


  • If the women have irregular menstrual cycle, IUI is a risky process and time talking procedure.

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