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Medical miracle-Womb transplantation

Medical miracle-Womb transplantation

Almost all the infertility cases now have treatments except absolute uterine factor infertility. This condition is results in Rokitansky syndrome, which is when a woman is born without a womb. For these kinds of cases, surrogacy is the only option for those women to have children. Now the news of a baby born for a mother with Rokitansky syndrome with the womb transplantation process brings hope to the women who are suffering with uterine factor infertility.

Sweden researchers have preformed this transplantation on rodents and non humans before attempting with humans. After they got success, they have attempted in women with uterine factor infertility. Initially those women menstruate for three months after implantation. And mild rejections were detected in some women. This can be overcome by recommending a short course of immunosuppression therapy.

Womb transplantation process

In 2014, Famous University in Sweden, Gothenburg witnessed a case of a mother without a womb. The woman was born without a womb. A healthy uterus was transferred to her from her 61 year old family friend. As the receipt has healthy ovaries, she can able to produce eggs. Those eggs were retrieved and fertilized with IVF process with her partner’s sperm. The embryos produced were frozen and transferred to the transplanted womb. She gave birth to a healthy baby via Cesarean section.

That was a great effort by the team of doctors at the University. Along with the successful pregnancy, the doctors also enjoyed the success of flawless operation, with the growth of both fetal and uterine. They also diagnose the flow of umbilical cord blood as normal after 31 weeks. They found only one challenging factor at the time of pregnancy and were treated successfully with corticosteroids. The woman was a full time working woman before delivery. At one point the woman was admitted in the hospital for sudden high blood pressure regarded as pre-eclampsia, which could be a risk for both the baby and the mother. But the doctors monitor the baby and they concluded it is through little stress in the working environment. The doctor’s team has completed 9 surgeries of womb transplantation successfully.

The successful delivery of the woman is the best evidence that the womb transplantation can be used to treat uterine factor infertility in women. This treatment has become successful if the donor is in menopause stage.

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