Laparoscopy leads to women death in Bangalore

Laparoscopy leads to women death in Bangalore

Fly by night fertility clinics have mushroomed across India, without any proper infrastructure and properly qualified staff. An unchecked growth in the number of fertility clinics in the country has led to widespread complaints about medical negligence, fuelling a debate on the safety measures followed by such clinics. 

A 31 years old female dentist Hemavathi Vivekanandan lost her life in her wish to become a mother. Hemavathi, while undergoing a minor corrective infertility surgery died on the operating table. She was under medication for more than one and a half months after which doctors suggested the corrective laparoscopic surgery. Medical experts are stumped by Hemavathi's death, saying laparoscopic surgery is a comparatively general and a minor procedure. The needle of suspicion points to neglect on two counts: The dentist died either due to excess carbon dioxide in the abdomen during the procedure or an overdose of anaesthesia.

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