Krishna IVF Clinic

Krishna IVF Clinic

Clinic name: Krishna IVF Clinic

Doctor Name: Dr. G. A. Rama Raju

Year of Establishment: 1996

About Clinic:

Krishna IVF Clinic is a multilingual, state of the art IVF Lab and Fertility Clinic that offers personalised care with latest technology needed to manage infertility a reproductive disorders. The Clinic works on a clear principal that the best possible clinical services for diagnosing and treating Reproductive disorders should run hand and hand with research, to the better understanding the causes.

About Doctor:

Dr Rama Raju is one of the most experienced IVF and infertility specialists in Visakhapatnam. He is known for his patience and care towards the patients. He diagnosis the problem very precisely and offers best suitable treatment for the patients.


Krishna IVF ClinicKrishna Nagar, 

Maharanipeta,Z.P Junction, 

Visakhpatnam,Andhra Pradesh, 

India Pin: 53 00 02 

Landline: 0891-2706164, 2706722,


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