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Know the benefits of using pregnancy pillow

Know the benefits of using pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in everyone’s life and it is most uncomfortable too. At the end of the second trimester, pregnant woman feels more fatigue and exhaustion. It is very important for the woman to get sound and peaceful sleep. The most common complaint of pregnant women is about back pain. Using of an efficient and convenient pregnancy pillow can adjust the body while sleeping and gives relief from pains like neck, knees and other body parts. These pillows can be easily adjustable with the body while sleeping in the side position.

Benefits of pregnancy pillow

  • It supports the growing belly
  • Provides support to the back and hip
  • It is easy to roll with the double sided pillow
  • Helps in preventing overheat
  • It is totally comfortable
  • It is flexible and can be used in different positions

Types of pregnancy pillow

The most important benefit of this pregnancy pillow is that it gives relief from the aches that generally cause during pregnancy. There are different kind of pregnancy pillows with different sizes, shapes and styles. Choose a pillow that suits your body and which you feel more comfortable from different available types:

Pregnancy wedge pillow:


These pillows can be placed under back or tummy to deliver much needed support throughout the night. These are more comfortable when sleeping on side position and they take the baby weight and gives relief to back.

Full length pillow

These pillows are full length pillows and supports throughout pregnancy. These pillows run along the body and can be in different designs from head/neck support, belly/back support and leg/ankle/back support.

Total body fit pillow

These pillows are in the form of C shape and U shape and provide superior support to the entire. Pregnant woman can easily curl up into this pillow.

Neck and back support pillows

These pillows can help while sleeping on side and on back, and ensures back supports. These pillows keep the spine straight and avoids back ache.

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