Jiyo Parsi in New Delhi

Jiyo Parsi in New Delhi

The Parsi community is gradually shrinking in the country with the number of deaths than births. The Union government of India took initiation to increase the birth rates in this community in 2013. The birth rates were gradually increased in these three years. Initially, these success rates were dominated by Mumbai and slowly the 700 families who are residing in Delhi-NCR took infertility treatments for enhancing their community.

In this community the death rates are six times more than the birth rates and the population of the Paris-Zoroastrian has reduced to 69,000. Worried over the declined population of this community, the government of India had launched Jiyo Parsi scheme with more than Rs. 10 crores. The main aim of this scheme is to ease at least 200 births over a period of five years. The scheme includes both encouragement component as well as medical component encouraging early marriage among the youths, to get treatment for the medical issues, parenthood at the right time as well as the financial assistance in case of recognition of infertility. The scheme is valid on married Parsi couples and 100 per cent medical aid is provided to them if the annual family income is lesser than Rs 10 lakh. As the cost of infertility is very high and middle class families cannot bare such huge amount, in that case Jiyo Parsi scheme has helped them financially by giving a hope to the community.

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