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IVF-from inception to completion

IVF-from inception to completion

IVF is the most recommended option of many of the infertility couples who are diagnosed with poor sperm quality, poor quality in eggs, ovulation problems, etc. there are more success rates in IVF compared to the other traditional infertility treatments. Some tests proir to IVF treatment are compulsory to know the exact cause for infertility.

Step by step process of IVF treatment is:

1. In depth discussion with the doctor:

If the initial fertility drugs and other infertility fail, the doctor or the infertility specialist recommends IVF treatment. During the first visit for the IVF treatment, the doctor discusses the medical history and fertility history of both the partners to decide on which protocol suits them better.

2. Preliminary tests and talks:

Ultrasound and the blood test are the initial steps to determine the eggs quality. A discuss with the psychologist will also be provided to cope up with the situation.

3. Drugs to stimulate egg growth:

The doctor offers some medication in order to stimulate the follicle to grow more eggs during the cycle. Daily three injections will be given and GnRH is given prior to the cycle to avoid pre ovulation. hCG is given on the 12th day to stimulate ovulation and exact time the final burst of the egg grows.

4. Egg harvesting:

In the carefully observed window, doctor calculates the eggs will be released through the Fallopian tubes during ovulation. With the help of ultrasound, the doctor inserts needle through vagina walls and pulls the eggs out of the ovaries. In the mean time, the male partner needs to ejaculate into a cup to obtain sperm. The extracted sperm and eggs are then combined together in an incubator for the occurrence of insemination.


5. Embryo Transfer:

After harvesting the egg for three days, the doctor uses a thin catheter to insert two or three embryos into the uterus via the vagina.

6. Final Outcome:

Female partner need to take progesterone injections daily which aids the implantation. After two weeks the patient needs to take a pregnancy test at the clinic.


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