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IUI- how will it help in conceiving

IUI- how will it help in conceiving

IUI is the cost effective process that helps millions of couples with infertility problems to have healthy babies. Although IUI have high success rates, the infertility specialist recommends some ovulation boosting drugs along with the IUI treatment. If  the couple is interested in IUI, the doctor need to make sure that that couple are the best candidate for the IUI process. The doctor also needs to confirm that the Fallopian tubes were not blocked at the time of injection, which is a major requirement for a successful pregnancy.

Before injecting sperm, the doctor needs to analyze the ovarian reserves and ensure that there are enough quality of eggs in ovaries. Male factor infertility like low sperm count and less mobility sperm can also be treated by IUI process. Before proceeding with the treatment the fertility specialist need to confirm whether the candidate is suitable for IUI or not.

Substitute to IUI

If the candidates are not good for IUI treatment, the doctor recommends other alternative fertility treatments.  Patient age must also a considerable factor before starting IUI treatment.

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