ISIS fertility clinic in Bangalore

ISIS fertility clinic in Bangalore

ISIS Medicare and Research centre opened a new infertility clinic in Bangalore. The centre is now planning to open its branches in Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai. The centre has addressed the epidemic problems in many of the professionals in Bangalore. The centre is providing the long term facilities to address this issue. Thus, Medicare opened this centre in Bangalore with an investment of nearly Rs. 200 crores, with 40 beds.

The centre is also planning another two centres at Whitefield and Indira Nagar in Bangalore. The three units in Bangalore are internationally funded. The doctors and researchers of the clinic stated that the infertility rates in India are rising to 20 percent nationwide. This problem is most  visible in the cities due to the existing problems in the environment, food and lifestyle. People need more focused counselling and more advanced treatment to tackle infertility.

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