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Is spotting is normal in pregnancy

Is spotting is normal in pregnancy

Any kind of bleeding or spotting at the time of pregnancy is a scary thing to every pregnant woman. The vaginal bleeding is similar to the normal menstrual bleeding but much lighter. But there is a slight color difference and it is in brown color. Almost 30 percent of the women have this vaginal bleeding at the early weeks of pregnancy. This spotting is more if the pregnancy occurred due to IVF or any other fertility treatments, because if two embryos were inserted into the uterus, one may stop vanishing results in bleeding.

Spotting versus bleeding

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy can happen any time from conception to the end of pregnancy. During the first trimester, spotting or light bleeding is very common and it could not cause for alarm. If you notice only few drops at the first trimester, it is regarded as spotting. Bleeding is the heavier flow like normal periods. If you experiences bleeding or spotting, it is better to consult gynecologist.

Causes of spotting during pregnancy

The common cause of spotting at the early days of pregnancy is the implantation bleeding. When the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus, implantation bleeding occurs. This often occurs if the woman misses her period. Cervical polyp is another common cause for bleeding during pregnancy due to increased levels of estrogen. Estrogen levels increases the number of blood vessels in the tissue around the cervix during pregnancy.

Measures to take to cope up with spotting

  • Bed rest
  • Taking more naps
  • Standing for some time
  • Taking physical rest and limiting physical activity
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights

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