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Is Pineapple good for pregnant women

Is Pineapple good for pregnant women

Pregnancy is the most awaiting and stressful period for every mother. It is most important to take proper diet during pregnancy and to avoid food poisoning during pregnancy.  Careful diet plan is important while you are pregnant. You must ensure that there are enough essentials like minerals, vitamins and nutrients that help for healthy baby growing.

Pineapple-Is it good or bad during Pregancy?

For the health of both pregnant women and also for the baby pineapple is most important. Pineapple is rich in Bromelain, an essential enzyme that gives better relief from indigestion side effects. There are many myths and truths about taking pineapple during pregnancy. There has been a circulating message that pineapple causes miscarriage and this false news is mainly due to the presence of bromelain.

Pineapple- benefits

pinapple advantages

  • Juice of fresh pineapple is rich source of vitamin C   and strengths the production of collagen that helps in the development of skin of the baby, bones and tissues.
  • Fresh pineapples are rich sources of iron, folic acid and essential nutrients.
  •  Bromelain can act as a pain reliever, blood thinner and anti-inflammatory agent.
  • The pains like endometriosis or arthritis can keep away the doctor if you take a pine apple daily.
  • Pineapple at the time of TTC drives the blood from uterus.
  • During pregnancy, pineapple reduces the risk of miscarriage by stimulating sticky embryos.
  •  It strengthens the immune system and avoids implantation issues.

Pineapples are rich contents of:

  • Vitamin B1 which helps with a healthy nervous system and heart.
  • Vitamin B6 which is good for several functions of the body as well as helping with anemia and, in some cases, providing relief from morning sickness
  • Vitamin C which strengthens the immune system.
  • Copper that is important for proper growth and the health of your hair and eyes.
  • Manganese which ensures healthy bones.

Risks of pineapple with excessive intake

As pineapple is a rich fruit that contains all the essentials nutrients, proteins and minerals, there are some risks with the intake in larger quantities like heartburn and diarrhea. Taking pineapple in moderate levels reduces the risks of gestational sugar.

  • Excessive intake causes contractions of uterine in the time of early trimester. Some cases, excessive amount causes diarrhea and early labor.
  • Excessive intake may cause vomiting, skin rashes and uterine contractions.
  • Intake of pineapple during the early pregnancy may cause early labor due to the presence of bromelain.

As a caution, many pregnant women avoid pineapple totally during pregnancy. It is safe to take pineapple after consulting your Gynec and add this fruit in your diet plan.

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