Is Hysteroscopy causes Infertility?

Is Hysteroscopy causes Infertility?

The specialized doctor and famous gynecologist, laparoscopic and robotic surgeon at Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad stated that the Hysteroscopy is the essential part of infertility assessment. This treatment can be used for both diagnosing and also for surgical abnormalities for enhancing pregnancy outcomes. It gives a panoramic view of the cervical canal, cavity and also of the Ostia. This surgery should be planned after completion of the periods as this is the best time for providing a clear view as the endometrium is thin at this phase.

Laparoscopy is generally performed to evaluate the external shape of the uterus, which clinches the diagnosis between a uterine septum, and a bicornuate uterus. Laparoscopy helps in early recognition of complications and can monitor a successful cannulation of an obstructed Fallopian tube. Doctors recommend this surgery if there are any Intrauterine filling defect on HSG recurrent pregnancy failure, if there is any difficulty in succeeding conception after MTP or D&C or IUCD. Hysteroscopic surgery is advised in uterine malformation, uterine synechiae tubal occlusions intrauterine polyps or fibroids.

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