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Intralipid Therapy-a booster to IVF

Intralipid Therapy-a booster to IVF

What is intralipid therapy?

Intralipid therapy is also known as Intralipid infusion that constitutes of fat emulsion comprising of soy oil, glycerin, water and chicken egg yolk. This infusion is usually in a liquid form that is administrated intravenously. This is a non-invasive process that is involved in the fertility clinics as a part of the treatment cycle. It is the core duty of a doctor to decide and proceed with this treatment style and usually highly professional doctors deal with the infertility treatment and Intralipid.

Intralipd benefits in IVF

In most of the women this intralipid suppresses the immune system. This intralipid with IVF has started in most of the women who are suffering with recurrent pregnancy loss, repeated or failed implantation or embryo transfer.  Thus intralipid with IVF able to modify the immune cells in the uterine lining and makes the uterus environment friendly towards the embryo.

This treatment is provided in the process of an IVF infusion around 2-3 hours duration that necessarily needs the patient to be non-allergic to either egg or soy products and do not have any cholesterol or liver disease. Intralipid is actually free of any side effects and is strictly administrated 4-7 days prior to the embryo transfer/insemination. Following to the positive pregnancy test is the process of Intralipid administrated 4-5 weeks prior to conception.

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