International Fertility center

International Fertility center

Clinic Name:  International Fertility center

Doctor Name:  Dr. Rita Bakshi

Year of Establishment: 2004

About Clinic:

This clinic is a central network for the 5 IVF centers in India. The team of specialists along with most famous infertility specialist Dr. Rita Bakshi committed to provide warm and understanding environment for the patients. With the high quality standards and state of the art technologies, International infertility center builds thousands of families around the world. The clinic is provides IVF treatment facilities to the international patients.

About Doctor:

The International infertility center is one of the oldest and renowned infertility centers in Delhi founded by Dr. Rita Bakshi. She is specially trained in fertility and women’s health from the renowned universities in Delhi and she provides IVF treatment, IUI, ICSI, recurrent miscarriage, etc treatment with utmost success rates.


International Fertility Centre

H-6, Green Park (Main),

New Delhi - 16, India.

PH: +91-11-40666680 / 40666681.

Email ID:

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