Hyderabad infertility clinics bringing hope to childless couples

Hyderabad infertility clinics bringing hope to childless couples

Fertility centers in Hyderabad could establish their name with high level acceptance even from the foreign countries by now. When it was limited within the major cities earlier, the infertility centers in Hyderabad are expanding even into the small towns outside the cities. The statistics cue that, in the entire Andhra Pradesh, there are almost 25 to 27 infertility centers. Among those, near 12 are situated external to Hyderabad, such as in Guntur, and Anantapur. In other words, the infertility clinics are mushrooming these days especially because of the large level acceptance of IVF treatment and the success rate.

According to the renowned infertility specialists in Hyderabad, there are minimum 100-200 infertile couples who visit an infertility specialist in a day. There are pretty much ivf centres in Hyderabad who could come up with great results in the advanced fertility treatment procedures such as IVF and IUI. Almost for all the common causes of infertility, let it be in men or in women, the established fertility doctors in Hyderabad have practical solutions for that. For the same reason, there are many foreigners who seek help from the fertility centers in Hyderabad every year. Another factor that people consider the place is because of the less expense. When foreign countries are charging INR. 5- 9 lakhs for a single IVF cycle, the same treatment is available in Hyderabad with INR. 2 to 5, depends on the fertility drugs and other requisites. 

Reference: SWCIC

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