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Hummus for fit pregnancy and healthy baby

Hummus for fit pregnancy and healthy baby

Food aversions and food cravings are the major problems during pregnancy. Woman feel bored of eating the routine food and they craves to eat some foods. Hummus is the list of craving foods that many pregnant women want to eat during pregnancy.

Hummus is the eastern dish prepared by chickpeas puree, lemon juice and garlic. This dish provides the essential nutrients that are useful for the body. There are many benefits of taking hummus during pregnancy along with some precautions.

Rich protein sources

Hummus is the rich contents of proteins which is essential during pregnancy. The growth of the rapidly developing fetus can be enhances with the protein rich food.

Gives relief from constipation

I table spoon of hummus contains 1 gram of fiber. As constipation and indigestion are the major problems during pregnancy, fiber rich food gives relief from constipation and makes bowel movements easy.

Folic acid and Omega 3

Hummus is rich sources of folic acid that avoids deficiency in unborn baby. Hummus is rich source in omega 3 fatty acids also provides many health benefits for the developing baby.

How to prepare hummus

Preparing hummus at home is the best way to avoid infections. The major ingredients all you need is: 2 cups of organic chickpeas, 1-cup thaini, water, lemon juice and salt for taste.

Soak the chickpeas for overnight and boil them. Make a fine paste using process by adding all other ingredients and eat it with veggie sticks.

Some side effects of taking hummus

Hummus has sometimes bacteria called listeria monocytogenes, which causes serious infection like listeriosis. Store brought hummus is not good for health and there is a high risk of bacteria presence. This bacteria lead to premature birth, miscarriage and still delivery. It is highly recommended to prepare hummus at home only.

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