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How to cope up with hot flashes during pregnancy

How to cope up with hot flashes during pregnancy

Most of the pregnant woman experiences hot flashes during pregnancy, especially in the night times. Study conducted on the pregnancy women also showed that these hot flashes are common in the second and third trimester and this mainly due to the fluctuations of the hormone levels in the body. The drop in the estrogen levels results for this hot flashes and women feels more sweat and they kick off their blankets at the night.

These flashes usually affect the head, chest and neck areas and can last from seconds to minutes. These hot flashes did not last long for many days and they wiped off after delivery.

When you get hot flash like feeling during pregnancy

Suddenly the heat spreads to the whole upper body and it starts from neck or from head.  Most of the women feel this discomfort for about 30 seconds to five minutes and this heat could generate in the lower body and stay for longer. Not every woman has these hot flashes during pregnancy and it is different for different woman. But there is a difference between the hot flashes and fever during pregnancy and fever elevates the body temperature.

Main causes of hot flashes during pregnancy

There are no certain conditions that cause hot flashes during pregnancy and it relates to the brain and hormones at the time of pregnancy. The fluctuations in the estrogen levels at the time of pregnancy could release more epinephirine and norepinephrine in the blood, results in the flow of blood to the skin. Thus it widens the blood vessels of the head and neck, makes the parts hot.

Other reasons for hot flashes during pregnancy are:

  • Ovulation
  • Excessive weight
  • Anger, stress and anxiety
  • Dehydration
  • Irregular eating and sleeping schedule
  • Increased metabolism during pregnancy

Ways to deal with hot flashes

  • Possibly dressed in cotton garments
  • Try to take cool shower
  • Avoid heat triggers like alcohol, smoking and spicy food
  • Do some yoga and meditation
  • Sleep in a cool place

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