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Health benefist of oranges during IVF pregnancy

Health benefist of oranges during IVF pregnancy

Food habits of the women are most likely to have their effects on the baby. Women should follow strict diet during IVF and after IVF. It is most important for women to take proper and healthier diet, while bringing a new life in to the world. Among many healthier fruits and vegetables, oranges during pregancy are the one that would certainly helps your little angel.

Oranges are the rich sources of vitamin C and nutrients that makes the women healthier. They can help you in keep your baby healthy and keeps you mood pleasant for the whole day.

Vitamin C sources

  • Oranges are rich sources of vitamin C and this helps in enhancing the immune system of the mother.    It helps in the release of iron and zinc from foods that have taken by the mother.
  • Some researchers proved that the orange juice during pregnancy could reduce the risk of allegoric diseases to the infant and keeps the baby brain healthy.


  • Oranges are great resources of folate, which is highly required for the pregnant women. This is useful for the formation of blood cells, new tissues and supports for constipation.
  • This folate is highly used for the development of placenta. One orange contains 9% of folate required for a mother.
  • Neural tube defects in the baby are prevented easily with Folate and it is recommended to add one orange in your regular dietary intake.

High potassium content

  • The potassium content in oranges helps in preventing blood pressure.
  • High fiber content present in the oranges prevents constipation problem in pregnant women.

Oranges are really healthy and good for both the mother and the baby. Oranges during pregancy helps in growing the pH value of the urine and prevents stones in the kidneys.  Oranges can contribute to fluid intake as it contains 88% of water content. Oranges are also suppliers of potassium and low in sodium, helps in water balance and hydration. Oranges have zero fat and a low glycemic index and low in calories. Consult your doctor and add one orange in your daily diet for a healthier baby.

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