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Have a healthy baby by doing exercises during pregnancy

Have a healthy baby by doing exercises during pregnancy

Maintaining and improving fitness levels is encouraged while pregnant. Exercises at the time of pregnancy boosts moods and energy levels, supports for better sleep and avoids over weight gain, gives strength to muscles and gives stamina.

Benefits of exercises during pregnancy

  1. Pregnant woman who exercises has less back pain and more energy.
  2. It gives a better body image and after post delivery that can return to their pre pregnancy shape.
  3. Exercises also prepare the body for childbirth by stretching muscles and building stamina.
  4. Exercises reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

Swimming is the best and recommended exercise for the pregnant women as it shows affect on the arms and legs provides cardiovascular benefits, reduces swelling.


Walking is the cardiovascular exercise for pregnant women as it keeps the body fit and it is an easy exercise which can be done anywhere. It is a safe and good exercise for both mother and baby.


Aerobics classes:

Aerobics helps in stretching the body and strengthens the heart. Each movement in the aerobics is safe for the baby, but it should be done under supervision of a trainer.



Dancing is also a recommended exercise as it relaxes the body and brain.



Jog is an exceptional way of exercising. This exercise strengthens the heart and builds stamina.

Along with these cardiovascular exercises, there is some flexibility and strengthen exercises for the pregnant women recommended by doctors, like:


This keeps the body and mind flexible and enhances muscle tone.


This exercise helps in preventing muscle strain and keeps the body fit and relaxed.

Weight Training:

This is the best way to strengthen muscles. Slow and controlled movements should be done in the later months of pregnancy.

The provided exercises are very useful for the expectant moms, although some may not work for the last few weeks or months. All these exercises should be done as prescribed by the doctor.

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