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Go with Reproductive Surgery for Contraception

Go with Reproductive Surgery for Contraception

Surgeries as the infertility technique are used to remove the abnormalities, to correct anatomical abnormalities. These surgeries remove scarring and clear blockages in either the man or the women. This surgery is suitable for the couple who are diagnosed with abnormalities in the endometriosis, abnormal growth of the uterine tissue, scarring and blockages. Depends on the condition the success rates of the surgeries are dependent and also depends on the age of the couple.
At the time of surgery, the doctor monitored the abdominal area and reproductive organs by inserting a tiny telescope and destroys the tissue with heat or laser.


  •      It reduces the pain and discomfort caused by the other infertility treatments.
  •      It increases the likelihood of pregnancy


  •      Some surgeries are more invasive than others
  •      These are high cost and increase the risk and recovery time
  •      The laparoscopic surgery is of very high cost.

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