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Getting pregnant with male infertility

Getting pregnant with male infertility

There is nearly 40% of the infertility cases are mainly due to male factor infertility. It is very important to take semen analysis to check the quantity and quality of sperm. Some Possible factors for male factor infertility are:

  • Doing excessive exercise or exercising too much than required may led to the release of too many steroid hormones. These hormones could affect infertility in men.
  • Stress and Obesity
  • Intake of excessive drugs like cocaine, marijuana, taking steroids, alcohol consumption and smoking reduces the production of sperm.
  • Environmental hazards, exposure to the toxic materials, radiation, pesticides, lead, mercury, radioactive substances and heavy metal may affect infertility.
  • Although this effect is temporary, high temperatures in the area of testicles could reduce sperm production.

There are many chances of getting pregnant with the male factor infertility with the technology advancements in the treatments. If the sperm count is very low, it is recommend having intercourse regularly by taking vitamins, folic acids and Zinc.  If the hormonal levels are imbalanced, doctor recommends hormonal treatment. If the male partner has retrograde ejaculation, cold medicines are highly helpful. If the sperm is completely absent in the semen of the men, sperm retrieval methods can be used to retrieve sperm from testicles.

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