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Get your body ready for a baby with easy tips

Get your body ready for a baby with easy tips

Before trying to conceive, it is important for every woman to set the body in healthier condition for the healthier baby. Healthy life style, good nutrition and exercises are important before and after pregnancy. If you are first time mom, note the entire physical changes appearing in your body and discuss with your Ob-Gyn. Here are the few pre pregnancy tips that could help you in your happier pregnancy journey:

Consult your doctor:

If you are ttc if it good to consult a doctor, the doctor will suggested you the required tests that are necessary. If there are any issues that could affect the chances of conceiving or some risks that could make the pregnancy difficult, it is important to take the proper treatments for those risks. Many couples are benefited by taking the pre conception tests and by taking guidance from the doctor.

Track your ovulation cycle:

Normally a women menstrual cycle is of 28 days to 32 days. It is important for every woman to track their ovulation for not getting failure. The ovulation can be calculated from the first day of the menstrual period and the most fertile days are in between day 11 and day 21 of their menstrual cycle. It is recommended to have intercourse in these days. There are many successful cases of conceive in these fertile days and it can be done only by tracking ovulation cycle.

  • Tracking the menstrual cycle is the only way to track the ovulation cycle
  • If you have irregular menstrual cycle, it is recommended to track

Quit smoking and drinking:

Alcohol and smoking are not quiet ok at the time of pregnancy. Now in this polluted world smoking and drinking can make it harder to get pregnant and raise the risk of miscarriage.

Start consuming Folic acid:


At least three months before conceiving, taking folic acid is important and it can be find in many fruits and vegetables, cereals and beans.  Folic acid is highly helpful in the production of red blood cells and at the time of pregnancy it is recommended to consume 400 mgs of folic acid per day.

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