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Get pregnant with ICSI procedure

Get pregnant with ICSI procedure

Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is the most common infertility treatment which is recommended if the man has high infertility rates. In this process, only single sperm is injected into each egg to assist fertilization using very fine micro- manipulation equipment. This process is a very delicate process as the egg and sperm both are very delicate and the sperm is 100 times smaller than the egg.

The success rates in this process are very high as the sperm doesn’t have to travel to the egg or penetrate to the outer layers of the egg. This treatment is highly recommended for couples, when the man’s sperm:

  • Cannot get to the egg at all

  • Can get to the egg, but fails to fertilize.

  • Men with zero or low sperm count

  • When the sperm has very abnormal shape and poor motility

  • If the men have an irreversible vasectomy or injury

How ICSI is performed

1.    One mature is held with a specialized pipette.
2.    A very pointed, fragile and void needle is used to halt and pick up a single sperm
3.    The needle is then cautiously inserted into the egg shell and into the egg cytoplasm.
4.    After injecting the sperm into the cytoplasm, the needle is carefully removed.
5.    Then there eggs are checked regular to identify the normal fertilization.

Once ICSI is complete and fertilization is successful, then the embryo is transferred into the women’s uterus. After that the women is carefully diagnosed for the early pregnancy signs with the help of blood test or ultrasound, to determine if the implantation and pregnancy has occurred.

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