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Freeze embryos for fertility preservation

Freeze embryos for fertility preservation

The ovaries of the women were stimulated at the time of IVF and ICSI treatments for the production of more number of eggs. After formation of the embryo, the best embryos were selected for transfer and for most of the couples there are extra number of quality embryos are formed. These embryos can be frozen so as to make them use in the next treatment cycles or to donate.

Embryo Cryopreservation today is seen as one of the efficient fertility treatments, which is becoming one of the widely used technologies for fertility treatments. The chances of getting pregnancy with a thawed frozen embryo are not at all affected by the length of the time that the embryo is being stored.

Preserving method of embryos

The selected quality embryos were selected for freezing and carefully preserve them to very low temperatures (-196°C) in the laboratory with some specialized freezing equipments. These embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen for extended periods.

When to go for embryo freezing

You may go for the embryo freezing process for the following reasons:

  •     As an option of using the embryos in the future ICSI or IVF cycles.
  •     When your treatment needs to be cancelled once the egg collection is done
  •     In the case when you are undergoing some other treatment that might affect your fertility
  •     When you are due to undergo with a sex change operation.

The main benefit in choosing the embryo freezing is that in future, the frozen embryos thawed and transferred into the uterus by skipping the ovulation stimulation and egg retrieval process. The success rates in this process are normally high and nearly 70% of the embryos are surviving in freezing and thawing process.

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