First test tube baby of Mumbai delivers a baby

First test tube baby of Mumbai delivers a baby

On August 6, 1986, Doctor Indira Hinduja had delivered the first IVF baby of the city Mumbai named Harsha. But on March 8, 2016, Harsha gave birth to her baby at the age 30. The baby is very healthy with 3.18 kiols and the delivery takes place under the care of Hinduja. 30 years back Harsha’s mother paid 20,000 rupees for the IVF procedure at KEM hospital.

The same team who operated her 30 years back had assigned to Harsha and she delivers a baby boy through caesarean. Harsha was sharing her views and others views about her marriage. Many people were saying that she is a test tube baby and there are fewer chances that she becomes pregnant through natural process.

30 years back Harsha’s mother Manibai has a problem of blocked Tuberculosis. They approached Doctor Hinduja. A team of doctors from the hospital has undergone training on the IVF procedures. The egg of Manibai was retrieved and fused with her husband’s sperm. And then the embryo was placed in her uterus. Her case was the first IVF case in Mumbai city and she was admitted in hospital for nine months for medical supervision. She gave birth to a healthy baby without any abnormalities or without any congenital defects. Now Harsha, delivers a healthy baby boy without any abnormalities.

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