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Fertility tests for his & her

Fertility tests for his & her

When a couple continuously trying for pregnancy and has been unsuccessful at achieving pregnancy after one year, the couple must meet a medical consultant and need to undergo some medical assessments physically. There is fifty fifty chances of both male factor and female factor in infertility. It is important to examine both the partners for possible infertility issue. Tests for assessing female infertility and semen analysis are the most common tests for finding fertility. The infertility specialist first discusses about the lifestyle and medical history of both the couples. Partners also need to discuss about their menstrual cycle, birth control use, past and current sexual practices, any surgical history, medications used and other health issues along with the living environment.

After discussing all these things, the physician proceeds with the initial testing and this evaluate the things like ovulation, when it should be occurring, functions of the ovaries and also the functions of the uterine during ovulation process. Tests for female infertility and semen analysis should be the starting infertility tests for every couple. The fertility tests which can include:

Fertility tests for women

  •    Cervical mucus test
  •     Urine test to detect the blocked Fallopian tubes
  •     Blood test for finding the ovulation
  •     Rubella finding blood test
  •     Blood test during periods to check the imbalances in the hormones

Fertility tests for men

  •     Semen analysis
  •     Sperm test to check the abnormalities
  •     Urine test for chlamydia

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