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Fertility drugs and their Pros & Cons

Fertility drugs and their Pros & Cons

Fertility drugs and their Pros & Cons

Infertility is a major problem in male and women. The advancement in technologies provides facilities that can be used for curing the infertility in most of the cases. There are many options and choices to choose the best treatment for the infertility and it is almost depends on the case. There are medical treatments, surgical treatments and some ART procedures for infertility. Many of the infertile couples choose medications as infertility treatment. The medication has one or more side effects and many advantages which are needed to be understood before starting the treatment.

Several benefits of the fertility drugs

Stimulate hormonal production

Many of the fertility drugs used for treating infertility in women and men have hormonal like substances and elements that can provide a great help in balancing different types of hormones. These hormones help in stimulating the reproductive system and they increase the levels of testosterone in male and estrogen and progesterone in females.

Enhances semen production

Production of high quality semen is the most important factor in men for successful reproduction. The medication provides by the doctors increases the quality of the spermatozoa and also increases the volume of ejaculation.

Reduces the risk of miscarriage

The fertility drugs contain vitamin and minerals, which are very essential for the development of the fetus. The fertilization pills which were given at the time of IVF reduce the risk of miscarriage.

Regulates ovulation and improves blood flow
Irregular ovulation is the major factor for infertility or if the released eggs are not completely matured. The fertility drugs simulate the formation of healthy and quality follicle. In some many infertility may be caused due to the poor irrigation in the genital areas. The fertility drugs improve the flow of blood.

Cons of fertility drugs

The main drawback of the fertility drugs is cost. These drugs and very expensive and also there is no guarantee with them that they will work.

No insurance coverage

Many of the times insurance won’t even pay for the infertility drugs. Mood swings, heavy bleeding, nausea are the major side effects of the fertility drugs.

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