Fertility clinics appears on small towns

Fertility clinics appears on small towns

The number of people who are choosing ART technologies as fertility treatments have been raising day by day.  But a substantial number of people are getting treatments in small towns. Indian Council for Medical Research ICMR shows that in states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, the technology is being spread to smaller towns.

In Tamil Nadu, out of 33 clinics 16 are from tier III towns as per the National registry of ART clinics and Banks in India. In Maharashtra, out of 77 clinics 25 are located outside Mumbai. Andhra Pradesh has only 25 clinics out of which 12 are located outside Hyderabad. The demands for the infertility clinics are growing in every city and in small towns. So the supply chain is creating automatically.

Infertility specialist’s states that the number of clinics registered in small towns in the country are around 320. But the clinics which are well equipped and well infrastructure are 700 all over the country. They also stated that there are 44 infertility clinics in Bangalore, but the ICMR lists only 25 clinics in overall Karnataka. This gap is mainly due to the non enrolment of clinics in the registry. The services offered by these kinds of clinics are not of high quality as registered clinics.

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