Clinic Name:   FEME LIFE

Doctor Name:  Dr.Nabaneeta

Year of Establishment:   2010

About Clinic:

The Femselife Fertility Foundation opened its doors in May 2010. Since its inception, Femelife has become the leader in Reproductive Medicine and Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the Tamil Nadu. Femelife has assisted thousands of couples from across the chennai and around the Tamil Nadu, in their achievement of pregnancy and continues to pioneer new technologies and advancements for our patients. 

About Doctor:

Dr.Nabaneeta MD, is a cutting edge group of healthcare providers committed to excellence in women's healthcare. She care for women in all stages of life - adolescence, childbearing, perimenopausal and menopausal. She provide specialized and personalized care in the prevention and treatment of female reproductive disease.


Femelife Fertility Foundation

Cosmopolis Hospital,

Plot. No. 2/5, 41st Street,

6th avenue, Near Sony Center,

Ashok Nagar,Chennai-600 083.

E-Mail :
Phone: 044 2485 1121 
95660 05116/ 99415 51661.

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