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FAQs about IVF

FAQs about IVF

Most of the couples who are undergoing infertility treatment have many questions in their mind about the treatment process, Do’s and Don’ts during IVF.

1. Are there any limitations on physical or personal activities during an IVF cycle?

Smoking: One should stop smoking before starting ovulation index. It is highly recommended to stop the usage of tobacco before three months to an IVF cycle.
Drinking: Drinking alcohol should be avoided during IVF treatment and at the time of pregnancy.
Medications: If the patient is taking medication for any kind of health issues, they should inform to the doctor before starting IVF. Usage of herbal supplements is strictly avoided.
Having exercises, weight lifting, aerobics are strictly prohibited during ovarian stimulation and until the pregnancy test is confirmed.

2. When the pregnancy test is performed after IVF?

14 days after the egg retrieval process, generally a pregnancy test is recommended.

3. How long does an egg retrieval taken? Is that process painful?

Egg retrieval is a quick procedure; generally the length of the procedure depends on the number of follicles, accessibility of the ovaries. Typically an egg retrieval process takes 20-30 minutes. This process is done under anaesthesia and most of the patients are asleep. There are no such painful conditions in this retrieval process but there will be some side effects due to anaesthesia like nausea or vomiting.

4. What could improve the quality of sperms?

Generally sperm is taken on the egg retrieval day and every man need to ensure to take some guidelines to improve the quality of sperm like: discontinue alcohol and cigarette smoking, do not start any new form of exercises, men need to stop gym supplements, testosterone and Androstenedione hormones, avoid doing ejaculation for 2-3 days prior to the cycle. There are some fertility boosting drugs for men that helsp in enhancing the sperm quality and quantity.

5. Are the hormone treatments harmful for me or for our (future) child?

The hormones that were administrated at the time of treatment may have some adverse side effects. Some are temporary and some are not serious. These hormones increases carcinomas and there are more chances of getting cancer for both the children and also to the mother in the long run.

6. What is the general age cut-off for doing IVF with own eggs?

IVF is generally recommended for the women who are under 45 and there are high success rates within this age.
7. Can I exercise while undergoing IVF process?
Yes, but the exercises should be very moderate and you should refrain from high impact exercises and opt for some moderate exercises like walking, swimming, yoga during IVF treatment.

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