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Ever wonder how the first IVF baby born

Ever wonder how the first IVF baby born

To date, nearly 2 million people have born through IVF in the worldwide and also with the other ART procedures. Before the days of 1978, women with closed Fallopian tubes need to undergo a complex surgery or tuboplasty in order to reestablish a conduit for gametes to transit. Many a times these surgeries are becoming a failure.

Birth of first IVF Baby

In late 1970, Lesley Brow, who is suffering with infertility for almost nine years with tubal occlusion was assisted by Robert Edward and Patrick Steptoe. At that time IVF has performed, a procedure of fertilizing an oocyte outside the human body, and it is mainly considered for woman who was suffering with miscarriages and closed Fallopian tubes. The laparoscopic egg retrieval process was done with Lesley Brown and her egg was fertilized in the laboratory. After the fertilization process occurs, her egg was transferred into her uterus. The process was successful without any medications and it results in the birth of her baby, the first IVF baby in the world, Louise Brown. The birth of Louise brown in 1978 was the main culmination of decades of scientific research in reproductive medicine. This has brought a scope in most of the infertile couple to fulfill their dreams to have a baby.

At the initial days, the overall pregnancy rates through IVF are limited to 6%. Later stimulated IVF cycles with the help of external fertility drugs like hCG was developed and it led to the improvement of oocyte yield per retrieval and also pregnancy rates up to 23.5%. But there is a risk of premature ovulation due to the increasing use of hCG. Then the suppression of pituitary was administrated by gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist (GnRHa). This should be given prior to ovarian stimulation with hMG. With this pre mature ovulation was decreased up to 2% and improves IVF with high pregnancy rates.

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