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Enhance sleeping during second trimester

Enhance sleeping during second trimester

Sleeping is the very difficult activity during pregnancy especially if you are first time pregnant. There will be many changes in the hormonal levels of the body and you many feel like going to washroom more frequently, craving for foods and vomiting. The physical activities, mental attitude and the way you sleep and they way you eat will have an impact on the baby. At the time of second trimester, you tend to have minor sleep issues. Using a pregnancy pillow at this stage will help you in getting better sleep in different sleeping positions.

Vivid dreams, leg cramps, heartburn, indigestion are some of the reasons that disturb sleep during night.  The hormone levels come into stable position and the womb will move up away from the pelvis, taking off the pressure from the bladder.

Better sleep during the second trimester

Maintain a proper bed time which helps you to sleep well and schedule your sleeping hours. Trying some relaxation techniques before going to bed, listening smooth music and taking warm bath before going to bed will gives you a sound sleep. Heartburn is also a factor that affects sleep during night and it is mainly due to taking of spicy foods daily. Take herbal tea or warm milk before sleeping. Consuming light dinner with no fried items is highly recommended. The quality of sleep may increases by lying on a clean bed and by keeping the surroundings clean.

Tyr some exercises that enhances sleep and also boosts physical and mental health. Avoid taking beverages before going to sleep and avoid caffeine right before sleep. Take the help from pregnancy pillows and keep those pillows in between your knees, under the abdomen and behind the back for undisturbed sleep.

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