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Endometriosis Vs infertility

Endometriosis Vs infertility

This disease is diagnosed as the most under diagnosed issue in the women. This disease generally occurs when endometrial tissue is found elsewhere in the body other than the lines of the uterus. The tissues starts growing like a uterus and at the time of menstruation, the tissue starts bleeding and breaks down. At this time, at the region of the pelvis, the scar tissue starts to form, which led to the potential problems like endometriosis and infertility. This disease affects the infertility in the women along with the pelvic pain.

Generally, women in any stage of endometriosis can have lower abdominal and pelvic pain and sometimes no symptoms. It is diagnosed that many infertile women have mild endometriosis and the infertility problem with mild endometriosis is considered as unexplained infertility. The extra tissue growth on Fallopian tubes, ovaries, bowel and the pelvic tissue lining affects the menstrual cycle of women.

Some risk factors of endometriosis are:

  • Women with less than 28 day menstrual cycle

  • More than 5 days bleeding at the time of periods

  • Pain at the time of periods

  • Uterus congenital abnormality

  • Abnormal cervical opening

Treatment for endometriosis

There is no perfect treatment for curing endometriosis. There are few medications and treatments for endometriosis pain and associated symptoms.

  • Surgery is the main recommended treatment for removing this tissue and lesions is an effective treatment that boosts pregnancy rates for some women.

  • Some medicines like anti inflammatory medicines are used to reduce and treat the pain and inflammation with endometriosis.

  • Hormonal therapy is also a recommended treatment for endometriosis

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