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Emotional Preparation for IVF

Emotional Preparation for IVF

Emotional preparation for the IVF cycle is very important than the physical preparation. There are many concerns that need to be considered before starting an IVF treatment. For many of the people, the first IVF cycle is most scary and they will undergo emotional stress with lots of uncertainty and heart breaks. Not all the IVF cases are becoming successful, the patients and their partners are to be realistic and they need to prepare emotionally before undergoing to the treatment. Generally IVF includes:

  • Patients need to deal with general stress and they needed to be strong ion them long infertility journey.

  • Patients need to undergo different treatments at different clinical environment.

  • Some couple will prefer IVF treatment in other states and in other countries. At that time they need to be stronger and they are far from their housing environment and support from family.

Some fertility drugs are responsible for the mood swings and emotional feelings; women need to cope with these mental changes due to the drugs at the time of the treatment.

Few mental preparations for the infertile couple at the time of IVF treatment are:

Gain knowledge about the IVF prior to the treatment:

The first and foremost important step as an infertile couple is gaining knowledge about the IVF process, its success rates, emotional preparation for IVF and complication in it. Learning as much as possible at the time of IVF treatment gave more emotional support for the first time of the treatment.

Failure preparation

It is very important to remember that every IVF treatment will not become a success or failure. The success and failure of the IVF is totally depends on certain conditions. Emotional preparation for both the negative and positive results is necessary for the IVF patients.


For every patient, every cycle of the IVF is a stressful process. Using relaxation techniques was compulsory for feeling better at the time of treatment like breasting exercises, meditation and Yoga.

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