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Egg freezing for future pregnancy

Egg freezing for future pregnancy

Egg Cryopreservation, which is also known as Oocyte freezing is one of the global infertility treatments provided by the IVF centers. This treatment involves the freezing of eggs for future keeping the view of preserving your fertility. Egg freezing is quite a challenging process that includes the egg/eggs extraction, which are frozen and then stored. This process is done for the women who are facing with the infertility problems and are provided with this treatment.

Who can consider egg freezing process?

Egg Cryopreservation is a process that also helps the women who are not ready with the pregnancy and want to preserve their eggs for future pregnancy conceptions includes:

  • Women who are diagnosed with cancer
  • Women who want to delay their childbearing
  • Women who has objections to store embryos for ethical reasons

Egg preservation process

The embryo and sperm freezing have already proved to have high success rates. Eggs are regarded as the largest cells in the body that contains more water. In order to prevent ice crystal formation, the water content in the eggs was removed. Slow freezing or flash freezing methods can be used freeze the eggs.

Hormonal injections were given to the patient for the development of more number of eggs. Once the developed eggs are matured, they are retrieved with a needle with the help of vaginal ultrasound. The retrieved eggs are immediately sent for freezing process. When the patient is ready for pregnancy, the frozen eggs are thawed and a single sperm is injected. After fertilization the embryos were transferred into the women uterus.

Risks of egg freezing process

Egg freezing is comparatively a new process and all the eggs that are taken for freezing will not survive in the thawing process. It is very important to know all the risks involved in the egg freezing process before considering this.

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