Egg donation ruins teenager life

Egg donation ruins teenager life

The Mumbai police informed the High Court of Mumbai that they have filed a case against the mysterious death of teenage egg donor. Her name is Sushma Pandey. The court was questioned the clinic whether they have considered the age of the girl while taking her eggs. Her mother also signed in the papers as a witness in the process. The public prosecutor argued that the girl was died only due to the retrieval of eggs from her continuously irrespective of her age.

Finally, it is clear that the center has not verified the physical fitness and mental fitness of the minor girl before surgically extracting her ova. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines, a woman going in for egg donation must undergo a medical evaluation, including a complete history and physical examination, to ensure there are no health complications after donation. The girl suffered with severe abdominal pain before death. She totally donated eggs for three times to the clinic, and a rise in the hormonal level led to shock, which causes death. After this incident, The Assisted Reproductive Technologies (Regulations) Bill and Rules (2009) state that a fertility clinic should verify the age before registering a donor and ICMR has fixed the age between 18 and 35 years for a person donating eggs.

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