Egg donation-an easy way to make money for women

Egg donation-an easy way to make money for women

More childless couples are seeking help from the infertility clinics for fulfilling their dreams. Thus the egg donation has become rise, especially in cities like Mumbai, for making money. One such donation can make women richer from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 2 lakh. Whilst the process is legal there is some consideration for fulfilling this process like physical condition and mental condition of the female and her age. Most of the clinics are focused on enhancing their hospital fame was failing to inform potential donors about the risks involved in the process.

Multiple time donations of eggs results in hormonal imbalances sometime led to death of the girl. Most of the clinics did not bother to check if the girls were even of the legal donation age. In most cases girls had not been told about the side effects of the procedure. In 2010, egg donation led to Mumbai teen’s death. She is only just 17 years old and she donated egg for three times, which causes hormonal imbalance in her results in her death.

The Rotunda fertility clinic in Bandra, Mumbai fails to follow the guidelines for egg donation. The hospital ignored the fact and went ahead with the procedure. They later claimed that they had been given a false age certificate by the girl. 

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