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Eating dates during pregnancy

Eating dates during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time some women feels food cravings like mangoes, chocolates, oranges. while some feels food aversions. Every expected mom should take care of the diet during pregnancy for the health of both mother and the child. Women confuses from the starting of the pregnancy about what to eat and what to avoid. One among those foods is the luscious dates.  This fruit is highly helpful during pregnancy as it supplies enough nutrients and components that help in the healthier growth of the baby.

Befits of dates during pregnancy

Date fruit contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids like oleic, linoleic acids. There are the energy suppliers to the mother and the baby. Calcium that is present in the date helps in the growth of the baby.

Some important benefits of dates are:

Natural sugars

Dates are the natural sugar provider which is needed by the pregnant women body.

Protein contents

Amino acids are the proteins that are present in the dates helps in growth and building of the body.

Fiber rich sources

The fiber content in the dates gives relief from constipation, reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and helps you stay full.


Folate present in the dates helps in the growth of the baby’s spinal cord and avoids neural tube defects.

Vitamin K, Iron and potassium

  • Vitamin K in the dates helps in development of the baby bones
  • Iron content helps in the metabolic process and it prevents anemia in the child.
  • Potassium content in the dates helps in maintaining blood pressure, water balance and maintains digestion.

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