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Does an infertility treatment cause cancer?

Does an infertility treatment cause cancer?

IVF makes the most women dream to come true and sometimes this simple joy can takes years of tears. With the changes in the environment and changes in the Lifestyle of human beings, many women are facing infertility problems. This is a kind of medical condition which involves most advance techniques. But unluckily these techniques are giving little angel and forfeit of cancer too.

Does an infertility treatment cause cancer?

There is a relation between the infertility, age, Infertility treatments and ovarian cancer. The younger the age of women at the time of ART treatment, the greater the risk of developing ovarian cancer. The risk of getting cancer is likely to be more within the three years of treatment.

Cancer risks for babies

There are nearly 27,000 babies are conceived through IVF.  Recent studies on the IVF stated that, babies conceived via IVF are more likely to get cancer at the age of 19, when compared to the normally born children. The main reason for this is the changes in the baby immune system due to the fertility treatments and drugs.

  • IVF babies were 1.4 times, or about 40%, more likely to have a cancer
  • IVF children are almost 65% are more likely to leukaemia development
  • Nearly 88% are likely to get brain cancer and cancer in the central nervous system.
  • IVF babies have increased risk of autism, diabetes, obesity, developmental problems, genetic defects and malformations.
  • 56 children among IVF children have the risk of getting brain cancer.

Cancer risks for mother

Treatments that are taken for infertility causes many hormonal changes in the women, these changes causes cancer especially breast cancer.

  • Women who undertake ART procedures cause breast cancer, because ART is more likely related to age.
  • Endometriosis, unexplained infertility treatments cases are prone to ovarian cancer.
  • Use of fertility drugs, progesterone increases the chances of getting ovarian tumors.
  • Usage of Clomid as an ovarian stimulating drug may increases the chances of getting uterine and ovarian cancer.
  • Women who do not have baby after failure IVf cycle were at greater risk of getting cancer.

In many cases infertility results in cancer and it is highly recommended to visit doctor regular after taking infertility treatments. Women should prepare emotionally and physically before proceeding with any kind of ART procedures.

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