Doctor denies the cheated case field against her

Doctor denies the cheated case field against her

A case for filed against Dr. Roya Rozati of Maternal Health & Research Centre MHRT by four couples. But the doctor denied allegations by some patients that that the centre cheated them on infertility treatment and said appropriate legal actions were being contemplated against them. Four couples who underwent In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment had approached the Banjara Hills police charging the MHRT of misleading them with false assurances. 

Dr. Rozati told that the IVF success rate the world over was between 30 to 40 per cent and everyone patient at the MHRT is informed about this. “A host of factors contribute to the success of the IVF and a patient is made aware through a proper counselling session,” she said.Dr. Roya Rozati said the four patients underwent IVF treatment at MHRT and embryo transfers were done on April 11 and after follow-up, were informed on April 30 that the result was negative. “These four couples came to us the next day and harassed the doctors. The doctors tried to explain in detail but they would not listen,” she said while adding that she suspected the handiwork of vested interests behind the affair. “It is nothing but blackmail and we suspect some forces with vested interests being behind these patients,” Dr. Roya Rozati said.                                  

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