Diabetes-a threat to infertility in men

Diabetes-a threat to infertility in men

Many of the infertility specialists in Bangalore are stating that having diabetes is also a major reason for infertility, especially in men. The insulin producing cells in the body got damaged due to the type 1 and type 2 diabetes and causes severe health complications including infertility. The increased problem of diabetes damages the nerves of the reproductive system. Cases have proved that diabetes is causing erectile dysfunction among men. High levels of blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol, all clubbed together only aggravates the problem of getting a proper erection in men. The problem has become severe when the nerves of the penis have been damaged. The damaged nerves through the diabetes can also lead to a condition where the nerves are incapable to control the bladder. 

There are changes that DNA in the man’s sperm could also be damaged due to diabetes that seriously hampers the chances of impregnating the partner and reduces the probability of live birth and even a healthy normal foetus. Recent studies on the Indian men proves that nearly 50 percent of the Indian men are facing erectile dysfunction due to diabetes after 40 years.

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