Delhi startups help foreigners in finding best infertility treatments

Delhi startups help foreigners in finding best infertility treatments

Most of the foreign patients are seeking help from the Indian health facilities for specialized and cost effective medical care had resulted in the mushrooming of online startups. These clinics help foreign couples to find the best treatment in the country. One of such medical tourism startup is This was started nine years back and is serving many of the foreign customers and it becomes a one stop solution for the foreign who are seeking medical treatment in India.

The centre is based from Delhi and the centre stated that they have patients from all over the world and the major flow is from Africa, the Gulf and CIS countries. These tourists are coming to India for different kinds of medical treatments like cosmetic surgery, hip surgery, infertility, etc. According to a white paper by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Grant Thornton, the Indian medical Tourism market would get nearly $8 billion by 2020. recently inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on behalf of the government to boost the healthcare tourism of India. The main reason behind India becoming the hub for medical tourism for foreigners is the cost effectiveness. Here in cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. people will get world class treatments in a much cheaper way under the best doctors. Medi connect India has won the National Tourism Award for two consecutive years for excellence in medical tourism. Most of the top rated hospitals in Delhi have hired language translators for helping and serving the foreign customers and Delhi-NCR is awarded as one of the favoured destinations for Medical tourism for foreigners who avail treatment in India as per CII-Grant Thornton White paper.

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