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Danger due to overheating during pregnancy

Danger due to overheating during pregnancy

Carrying baby through the nine months is a difficult task and if it is severe summer, there is chance of getting overheating during pregnancy. It is time to prevent the body from overheating. Overheating in pregnant woman is regarded as the rise in body temperature is more than 39.5 degree C.

Symptoms of overheating

  • Feeling more tired and weak
  • Nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Light headedness
  • Dizziness

Main causes of overheating during pregnancy

  • Soaking more time in hot water
  • Excessive physical activity in extreme hot conditions
  • High stressed exercises for an extended period
  • Side effects due to few medications and fever

Risks and preventive measures of overheating during pregnancy

  • Overheating in early pregnancy is not healthy for the developing baby.
  • Overheating in second trimester causes dizziness, nausea and dehydration
  • Some other risks like fetal growth radiation, intrauterine death and neural abnormalities.

Preventive steps

  • Take more water during pregnancy which cools your body
  • During hot days try to avoid prolonged exercises
  • Do not prolong the exercises for more than 40 minutes
  • Always stay in a cool and full ventilated environment
  • Avoid steam baths
  • Wear cotton dresses and loose fitting clothes

Along with these preventive measures, try to avoid:

Cut of caffeine

Try to avoid coffee and fizzy drinks as it increases the blood pressure and temperature of the body. Instead of caffeine, try any smoothies that make your body cool.

Take more fluids


Tyr to take more fluids along with the water, Take fresh juices and avoid fizzy soft drinks. Be hydrated at the time of pregnancy as it avoids swellings.

Avoid spicy foods

Take water rich foods and try to reduce spice content in the food. Take fruits like berries, melons and grapefruits.

Breathe deep and low

Do mediations daily and try some breathing exercises that gives relaxation to your body and reduces the body temperature.

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