Cheaper IVF at Govt. clinic in Mumbai

Cheaper IVF at Govt. clinic in Mumbai

There is many poor infertile couples who are seeking financial help for their infertility treatments. For those couples who cannot afford those costs at the private clinics has now a more affordable choice. The Parel's Wadia Hospital has established the city's first government-run in vitro fertilization (IVF) centre, which will be inaugurated by health minister Deepak Sawant in January, 2016. As the IVF fees are growing higher in private clinics as more than 2 lakh, the hospital is now providing treatment with 35-50 percent lesser rates.

The main intention of the clinic is to provide infertility treatment accessible to a larger section of the childless couple. This hospital will be a boon to the poor strata of childless parents. The high cost generally stems from costly medications, costly investigation procedures, high equipment costs and their maintenance. 

The hospital is now planning to start an Onco-Fertility centre to make sure that the women who are suffering from breast or ovarian cancer are capable to have babies, post therapy. As ovaries are destroyed during radiotherapy, woman can freeze their eggs at the hospital’s bank and after the completion of the radiotherapy. The store eggs help them to conceive.

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