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Cancer-a major risk factor for infertility

Cancer-a major risk factor for infertility

Cancer affects the reproductive system in both the female and male and it is very important to discuss about the fertility options. The treatment could leave some infertility problems. Taking care of proactive steps can protect fertility, offers a chance to become parents in the future. Male and female fertility options at the time of cancer are:

Pregnancy after cancer

Many women are able to diagnose with cancer are capable to become pregnant following cancer treatment and recovery. Even after taking some proactive steps, some women become infertility after cancer treatment. Fertility preservation is the one and only one hope for the cancer patients to become parents like:

•    Egg, embryo and ovarian tissue freezing.
•    Shielding of the ovaries at the time of pelvic radiation treatment.
•    Re-positioning of ovaries in surgical methods during radiation treatment.

Men after cancer

For taking care and protecting their fertility, men also need to take precautions immediately after diagnosing of cancer. The ability of producing sperm in men at the time of radiation and chemotherapy treatments may damage, leaving a man infertile subsequent cancer treatment. Thus, fertility preservation options for men like freezing and storing of sperm in a sperm bank is recommended. This will ensure that the men become a father after the cancer treatment.

For the best chances of pregnancy even after the cancer, fertility specialist guidance is necessary after and before treatment in both men and women.

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