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Can pregnant women consume Aloevera?

Can pregnant women consume Aloevera?

For normal people, aloevera is highly helpful in removing the acne and helps in skin shining. Aloevera helps in the removal of dandruff and growth of hair. The gel present inside the aloevera leaf helps in curing many disorders like diabetes, asthma and constipation. Application of gel to the skin reduces, rashes, itching and skin burn. Intake of aloevera juice reduces heartburn and formation of stomach ulcers.

Aloevera during pregnancy

Aloevera juice is more helpful for healing many health conditions. The Aloevera gel is the extraction from the plant which helps in soothing and cooling properties. But the American pregnancy association has stated that it is not safe to consume aloevera juice and aleovera gel during pregnancy. This juice usually increases the uterine contractions and also drops the sugar levels in blood. Aloevera causes vomiting, constipation and diarrhea.

As aloevera are rich in aloin and barbaloin, intake of aloevera during pregnancy lower electrolyte levels. Intake of aloejuice during breastfeeding may increases the risk of bad effect on the baby digestive system as it passes through breast milk to the baby. But some doctors recommends intake of aloevear at very moderate levels.Taking doctors recommended is highly advisable before taking aloevera. As some compounds could be unsuitable, strict dosage on every day is recommended.

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