Bloom Fertility Center

Bloom Fertility Center

Clinic Name: Bloom Fertility Center

Doctor Name: DR. Nandita Palshektar

Year of Establishment: 1998

About Clinic:

Bloom IVF is the ISO 9001:2000 certified company which is known for the best ivf treatment, uses advanced process and procedure with world class standards for the ivf treatments. The clinic has highly sophisticated equipments in the lab and is managed by the highly skilled personnel. The clinic offers the best IVF treatment for national and international patients in all its branches and effectively treated 20000 patients in India and abroad.

About Doctor: 

Dr. Nandita Palshetkar was awarded the ICOG from the MICOG Mumbai. She is continuously doing research in cutting edge OBGY domain space. With her immense knowledge and experience she bought hope and delight to thousands of couples who were struggling mentally and physically for not being blessed with a child.


Bllom Fertility center

Lilavati Hospital, Bandra (w.)

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400050

Direct line: 9122-26428280

Fax: 9122-26438280


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