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Blood Clotting-another factor to consider for miscarriage

Blood Clotting-another factor to consider for miscarriage

Sometimes clotting disorders lead to repeated miscarriage causing infertility problems in women. As it is not a major issue in infertility, women with clotting disorder could give birth to healthy babies by appropriately understanding clotting disorders. It is very essential to know the main reason for the disorder and to know how blood clots.

  •  When a blood vessel is cut or damaged, the proteins in the body form a clot.

  •  Sometimes if the protein levels are high, the blood vessels become clotted.

  • The blockages sometimes may lead to stroke, pulmonary embolism, heart attack, infertility issues and in some cases death.

Pregnant women at the time of pregnancy need to take care if they are diagnosed with blood clotting issue. There is a risk of having a placental abortion, which generally happens when the placenta partly or entirely separates from the uterine walls prior to delivery.  Anyhow, it is very important for the women with clotting disorders to consult a doctor when they are experiencing repeated miscarriages.

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