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Benefits of chocolates during pregnancy

Benefits of chocolates during pregnancy

Every pregnant woman has cravings towards different kind of foods like mangoes, hummus and chocolates. chocolates  are the most craving food that many of the pregnant women feel like eating during pregnancy. It is recommended to consider some facts about the chocolates during pregnancy. There are no particular proofs that chocolates are harmful during pregnancy.

Chocolates are highly helpful in elevating the neurotransmitters in brain by giving the signals of well beings. Taking the chocolates at moderate levels will provides you many benefits like:

Avoids Pre-eclampsia:

The main problem that many women are facing during pregnancy is pre-eclampsia.  This condition causes pre mature births and elevates blood pressure in pregnant woman. The cocoa content present in the chocolates helps in preventing pre-eclampsia, thebromine present in the dark chocolates has helped a lot for healthy baby.

Controls blood pressure

The cocoa contains theobromine content helps in controlling blood pressure. It dilates the blood vessels and balances them. This also avoids the pregnancy related complications.

Antioxidant supplements

Flavonoids present in the chocolates have enough amounts of antioxidants that prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Iron and magnesium sources

The main important nutrients during pregnancy are iron and magnesium, contains in larger amounts in chocolates. Iron helps in enhancing the blood count and magnesium helps in maintaining metabolism.

Intake of any kind of food in moderate levels is important at the time of pregnancy and the chocolates are the one that comes under the healthy diet. But chocolates have good amounts of sugar and fat and this could add up to your weight. Caffeine is also present in chocolates and it is advisable to avoid coffee if you are taking chocolates.

Pick the darker chocolates as a part of your diet as they have more supplements with less fat unlike milk chocolates. If the women are feeling with gestational diabetes, it is better to avoid chocolates totally.

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